The Book Of F#

The Book of F#

The book comes out this month, by Dave Fancher F# MVP. It’s a great book! It has an easy to read narrative and a fun style, and is designed for .Net Object Oriented people who want an introduction to both functional programming and to learn F#. It’s a great reference book and learning tool. Even if you don’t want to program F#, the functional approach to programming will teach you a lot, with great examples and easy to read explanations. I can honestly say the book never gets old. (I was the technical reviewer and got to read each chapter about 4 times. Think about how many technical books you would read 4 times without contemplating putting a fork in your eye. Honestly, with his I didn’t, and the inside sci-fi references are fun too!)

On top of this, the introduction is awesome, and it explains exactly why you want to learn functional programming and F#.

The book can be found on the No Starch Press site.

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